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Monthly LaserCap 224 Rental Program

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Included with the rental of a LaserCap is a complimentary 15 minute video Trichology Consultation.

We are offering the opportunity to lease a Lasercap 224 for $275 per month. The lease requires a signed rental agreement and credit card deposit hold of $1000 before the laser device is shipped. The device must be returned in the same original working condition within 5 days after the lease expiration. Please contact our office if you have any questions. Phone: (615) 662-8722 or Email:

As the original technology of its kind, LaserCap has perfected the delivery of prescription-strength laser therapy for hair regrowth. A light and flexible cap lined with true laser diodes, LaserCap illuminates the hair follicles with monochromatic red laser light at a finely-tuned wavelength and intensity. This treatment, known as Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), is scientifically proven to restore the hair of both men and women suffering from thinning and balding. The LaserCap is FDA-cleared to promote hair regrowth in both men and women with pattern hair loss.

LaserCap® is FDA Cleared to stop hair loss and regrow hair. It's backed by experts in the fields of science and medicine, and is designed for optimal results and comfort.

How does LaserCap® Work: LaserCap® uses low-level laser light therapy to improve cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells make for a better functioning hair follicle, and produces a happier, healthier hair! LaserCap® is backed by experts in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. Optimal power and ease of use are at the heart of the LaserCap®, giving our patients the best results possible.

Until recently, this technology was only available through in-office devices, in hair clinics and the like. With LaserCap®, you can now take it home, making it a much more effective treatment.

Typically the LaserCap® is worn 30 minutes 3 times per week, with results starting to be noticeable in 12 weeks.

Follow-up doctor visits are highly recommended and important to monitor progress. LaserCap® can also be used with other treatments, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy and hair transplantation.