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British Science Hair Strengthener (HS1)

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For fine-textured or limp hair

A protein-enriched deep conditioning treatment. Adds sheen. Protects and strengthens hair cortex and cuticle. Builds elasticity and resilience.

Directions: Dampen hair. Apply from the middle to the ends of hair. Uses smooth strokes with thumb and forefinger. Cover head with towel or shower cap for 30-60 minutes then rinse with shampoo. For a complete treatment, apply Scalp Mask at the same time.

*   A protein-enriched deep conditioning treatment
*   Adds sheen
*   Builds elasticity and resilience
*   Protects and strengthens cortex (inner part of hair fiber)
*   Protects and strengthens cuticle (outer part of hair fiber)
*   Can be used on color-treated hair