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British Science Specialized Scalp Therapy

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This amazing, light-weight treatment is the PERFECT scalp detoxifier! It's important to think of your scalp just like you think about the face - it needs to be revitalized and cleansed. This special formulation includes the stimulating properties of natural Zinc to help encourage blood flow. If your scalp and hair are dry, itchy and clogged, this is the product for you!

Directions: After shampooing and conditioning, blot excess moisture from hair with a towel. Apply Scalp Therapy directly to the scalp in one-inch partings. Use a few drops per parted area. Distribute lightly with fingertips and massage into the scalp. DO NOT rinse out.

*   Gentle scalp application for the support of healthy hair
*   Contains topical vitamin ingredients
*   Works throughout the day
*   For all hair types & ethnicities
*   Can be used on color-treated hair

This product was formulated specially for HPIHair Partners making it 4x stronger than general formulation; needs a professional recommendation before ordering.

Size: 8oz.