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Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test

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What is an Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test? 

The food we eat, the nutrients we absorb, stress, environmental factors including pollution, heavy metals, radiation, and electromagnetic fields are all tracked in the hair bulb. All these factors are known as epigenetic factors. Single hair bulbs from strands contain a range of signals and frequencies that have an abundance of epigenetic information. This information is extremely valuable to health, hair growth, hair loss, condition of the scalp, and overall wellbeing

This test is available with an in-office visit for an immediate report or an at-home test performed in the comfort of your home. Both of these tests allow us to examine your hair bulb from your strands and compile a detailed, comprehensive 34-page report, personalized just for you.

What do you receive with the purchase of the Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test?

  • Hair Follicle Test
  • 30-Day Follow-up
  • Personalized 30-page Report (Check out a sample report here)
  • Clinical Trichologist & Certified Nutritional Care Plan ($149 value)

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With the In-Office test purchase, one of our hair loss specialists will contact you to schedule the in-office test at our location: 4535 Harding Pike, Ste 302, Nashville TN 37205.

HSA & FSA plans can be used for eligible healthcare expenses. Check the details of your HSA and FSA plan for specifics and coverage.