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Replenology Nutriment - 21 to Grow

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Created in-lab by scientists with decades of experience in molecular biology and cell stimulation, Replenology’s four components work together day and night to synergistically create the perfect environment for full, lustrous hair.

Directions: Replenology Daily Advanced Follicle Nutriment: Shake gently before each use. Twist top to open. Dispense up to 5 pumps per day, metered for your convenience. Massage gently onto thinning areas of scalp before bedtime. Nutriment remaining on hair will dry within a few minutes. Leave on overnight for extended nutrient absorption and follicle nourishment. A gentle sensation is normal but not mandatory for success. Nutriment can be applied in the morning as long as it is not washed off for at least 6 hours. Discontinue use if irritation develops. It is suggested that if the Nutriment is being applied before sleep to areas of the scalp that will come into contact with bed linens that a protective cover, such as an old pillow slip or towel, be placed over the pillow to protect from potential staining. Each container is filled with 150 pumps for 30 days of use.

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