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HLCC A Complete Program

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 HLCC’s 3 month Complete Program is one of our most frequently requested packages for men and women looking for a formula for all their hair concerns. It includes a topical stimulator that is packed with 11 DHT opposing ingredients and a proven topical stimulator.

This multi-therapeutic program also contains DHT opposing ingredients (DHT is the major cause of thinning hair), while providing hair nutrition, and enhancing the performance of your hair cycle with minoxidil formulas.

The purchase of any of our bundles include a complimentary video product training (sign-up sent via email after purchase)

The products you get with this package:

Complete Vitamins™ - HLCC Scripts Complete is a 3 in 1 herbal supplement with 8 potent DHT Fighting ingredients to help fight DHT, which can adversely affect your hair follicles and overall hair health. This unique formula also includes the complete nourishment your hair needs to thrive optimally and a natural marine concentrate (MGC) proven safe and effective for both men and women of all ethnicities.
Re-Stim® - Re-Stim® is a high performance topical stimulator that combines Saw Palmetto Extract, a DHT fighting ingredient, which enhances the performance of the hair cycle. It also contains Aloe, a known soothing agent. This product combats against thinning & aging hair, and is recommended for men and women with aggressive hair issues.
Scalp Therapy™ - Scalp Therapy™ breaks up and dissolves sebum (which clogs hair follicles), enabling more targeted absorption with topical stimulators like Re-Stim®, MGT™ or Minoxidil.
DHT Shampoo - This DHT Shampoo™ has been formulated DEA, SLS and paraben free, which are known to dry hair, and cause irritation to the hair and scalp. It also contains 11 opposing DHT ingredients topically. This non-irritating shampoo is recommended for both men and women of all ethnicities and is safe for every day use.

There are many options available for managing your hair care, and our certified hair care consultants can assist you in finding the right program for you, based on your individual needs.