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HLCC A Natural Program

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This is a gentle, yet effective solution to combat the appearance of fine, thinning, and damaged hair with gentler ingredients. The program was developed by our industry professionals and experts. The Natural Program is suggested for early stages of aging hair and is a non-invasive option for hair care issues. It can be used daily without frequent hair washing.

This is virtually the same innovative program as the Complete Program but by replacing Re-Stim® for MGT™, you utilize a natural stimulator available for maximum effectiveness.

The purchase of any of our bundles include a complimentary video product training (sign-up sent via email after purchase)

This 3 month program includes:

Complete Vitamins™ - HLCC Scripts Complete is a 3 in 1 herbal supplement with 8 potent DHT Fighting ingredients to help fight DHT, which can adversely affect your hair follicles and overall hair health. This unique formula also includes the complete nourishment your hair needs to thrive optimally and a natural marine concentrate (MGC) proven safe and effective for both men and women of all ethnicities.
MGT™ - MGT™ is a high performance formula designed with11 DHT fighting ingredients. MGT™ also provides the hair with advanced nutrients to help revive thin, dull, aging hair. MGT™ ‘s unique herbal formula helps stimulate your hair and scalp health with its high percentage of panthenol and cysteine; a keratin protein, which is an essential component of hair and is formed by 18 amino acids.
Scalp Therapy™ - Scalp Therapy™ breaks up and dissolves sebum (which clogs hair follicles), enabling more targeted absorption with topical stimulators like Re-Stim®, MGT™ or Minoxidil.
DHT Shampoo™ - This DHT Shampoo™ has been formulated DEA, SLS and paraben free, which are known to dry hair, and cause irritation to the hair and scalp. It also contains 11 opposing DHT ingredients topically. This non-irritating shampoo is recommended for both men and women of all ethnicities and is safe for every day use.