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TrichoTest™ Genetic DNA Test for Hair Loss

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TrichoTest™ is an advanced genetic test for hair loss. By analyzing genetic factors and other relevant characteristics, the comprehensive report shows what kind of therapies and treatments might work best for an individual’s hair loss based on their unique DNA.

TrichoTest™ is fast, easy, and 100% non-invasive. It's a simple cheek swab.

Why should you use TrichoTest™?

  • If you want to understand how genetics affects your hair loss treatments.
  • If you have a family history of hair loss.
  • If you have tried different treatments for hair loss with little success.

Each TrichoTest™ includes 1-hour analysis of results with a HPIHair Partners hair loss specialist. This test can be performed in-office or at-home.

HSA & FSA plans can be used for eligible healthcare expenses. Check the details of your HSA and FSA plan for specifics and coverage.