Did you know? August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!

Did you know? August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month!

At HPIHair Partners, every day is Hair Loss Awareness!

Since August has been dedicated to hair loss, we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss this issue that effects men, women, and children. Hair loss is a complicated and complex challenge. Hair plays an important role in the appearance and confidence of a person. Rapidly thinning hair becomes devastating to the sufferer. In addition, losing hair can also indicate an internal health issue that should be addressed.  

HPIHair Partners uses a science-based approach to hair loss. We have a team of clinicians specializing in one thing: the science of hair growth. We’ve been helping patients overcome hair loss for over 30 years. Our total-body, holistic, clinically proven process discovers the real underlying causes of your hair loss first, so you’re assured of the right individual treatment protocol. We help you through the entire treatment process to ensure maximum results. Most importantly, this approach is successful in re-growing hair. It’s not a miracle, just hair science that works. 

Real Clients, Real Results, Real Testimonies!

5 Star Google Review by N.L. “Kimberly is absolutely wonderful! She is so incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy! She helped us get to the bottom of our 3-year-olds hair loss and we are so thankful for her and her team!”

5 Star Google Review by B.K. “Excellent! I am suffering hair loss and would not have a hair left on my head if I hadn’t found HPI. Kimberly was able to stop my hair from falling out in less than 30 days and now I am in recovery mode – my hair is filling in and growing back. I am so thankful for HPIHair Partners!”

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