Healing Your Thinning Hair Naturally!

Healing Your Thinning Hair Naturally!

Almost a decade ago, physicians began using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to speed healing and promote cell growth at wound sites. Platelet Rich Plasma, in combination with other treatments, can help promote a healthy head of hair.


  • People living with thinning hair can benefit from PRP hair treatments, which can reduce the rate of hair loss
  • Hair can become thicker and have an improved texture following treatment
  • General scalp health can be improved, leading to enhanced results of hair treatments
  • PRP treatments can greatly reduce, or eliminate, the need for oral drugs (which can have side effects)

Dr Rue Yi with The National Institutes of Health shares his correlation to the aging process, the hair follicle and how the findings can impact the aging process.

One single PRP treatment alone or therapy will not cure, or reactivate, aging hair follicles. Androgenic Alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss) is complicated and involves continued treatment and support.

Below are a few options we recommend you consider:


Get started today to understand your options. Waiting will only slow the progress and delay results.

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