Dermatologist-Recommended Hair Loss Prevention Products

Dermatologist-Recommended Hair Loss Prevention Products

Hair loss is no joke. It affects millions of men and women every year, and can be a point of frustration and embarrassment. You should be able to control how you look, and by using hair loss prevention and regrowth products you can take command of your hair.

Luckily there have been some incredible advancements in hair loss prevention products within the last few decades. Dermatologists and trichologists have teamed up with hair loss specialists to identify the specific underlying causes of hair loss, and to create clinical treatments that are individualized to each case. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the early stages of hair loss or looking to enter the full restoration phase, there’s a product and solution for you.

Keeping your hair can be difficult, especially if you are fighting against genetic hair loss. You need to understand the root causes of your hair loss so that you can take the first step toward a successful restoration and prevention plan. There are many dermatologist recommended treatments and medications that range from natural hair restoration processes to more aggressive treatment stimulators. Start your hair loss prevention with a science-based approach that actual doctors recommend.

The Best Hair Loss Prevention Products

There are a number of hair loss prevention products that grant a wide range of restorative or preventative effects, from strengthening hair at the root to encouraging new growth. We’ve gathered together this list of some of the best hair loss prevention products available, so that you can find exactly what you need. HPI Hair Partners will work with you to find a hair loss prevention treatment plan that works.

British Science Hair Strengthener (HS1)

Hair strengtheners are protein-enriched conditioning treatments that help strengthen hair down to the cuticle. The British Science Hair Strengthener (HS1) helps to build elasticity and resilience in hair, as well as adding a sheen that adds to the appearance of hair fullness.

Hair Strengthener
  • A deep conditioning treatment.
  • Adds sheen and fullness.
  • Builds elasticity and resilience down to the root.
  • Protects and strengthens the inner and outer parts of the hair fiber.
  • Useable with color-treated hair.

British Science Revitalizing Scalp Therapy

This revitalizing scalp therapy product helps to prevent hair loss and gently stimulates the scalp to support the delivery of critical nutrients. British Science Revitalizing Scalp Therapy keeps the scalp feeling fresh and clean, and works throughout the day for all hair types by stimulating the hair follicles.

British Science Revitalizing Scalp Therapy
  • Gentle on the scalp.
  • Supports healthy hair.
  • Contains vital topical vitamins.
  • Made for all hair types.
  • Useable with color-treated hair.

Derma Roller System (DRS) - 1.5mm

Derma Roller System - 1.5mm

Derma rollers are designed to rejuvenate the skin and promote collagen production across the scalp. By creating micro-perforations, the Derma Roller System (DRS) can improve topical hair peptide absorption so that products penetrate deeper and become more effective. Regular use can lead to the overall improvement of hair restoration and hair loss prevention products.

Duo: Copper Complex to Naturally Strengthen Hair

Duo: Copper Complex to Naturally Strengthen Hair

The Duo cosmetic product contains active ingredients GHK-Cu and Zn-thymulin to help strengthen existing hair by stimulating thinning areas. By using a combination of copper and zinc, the Duo: Copper Complex is able to naturally restore areas where hair loss has occurred. This product also contains Thymulins, a nonapeptide that’s been shown to extend the anagen phase of hair follicles. This product works to increase the lifespan of hair follicles by working synergistically to make your hair last longer. Duo helps reduce and prevent hair loss that will stem from zinc deficiency.

HLCC A Healthy Hair & Scalp Program

This hair-strengthening program is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to maintain the health of their locks or to improve the strength of damaged hair. This program is especially helpful for anyone with hair that’s been damaged due to excessive chemical, heat, or color treatments. The HLCC A Healthy Hair & Scalp Program is designed to promote natural hair health and restore the appearance of strong-looking hair.

HPIHair Product HLCC Scripts Hair Loss Solutions


  • DHT Shampoo has been formulated by the DEA and is recommended for men and women.
  • Vitamin Plus Conditioner is a stimulating formula that improves hair and scalp health.
  • T-Strong leave in treatment preserves hair elasticity and preserves the health of surrounding tissue.
  • All products are paraben-free.
  • This daily regimen supports hair health and provides the appearance of stronger, shinier, healthier hair and scalp.

Natural Peptide Hair Stimulation Treatment

If you’re embarking on a hair loss prevention journey and looking for daily nutrition for your thinning hair, the Natural Peptide Hair Stimulation Treatment is a good place to start. This stimulation treatment helps to improve natural hair growth, and also strengthens the overall health of existing hair. By using copper, this treatment plan keeps hair in the anagen phase where it can grow longer with support. It also comes with a dermal roller for weekly treatment and scalp stimulation to help improve the effects of the peptide.

Natural Peptide Hair Stimulation Treatment

  • PTD-DBM has been specifically formulated to target factors that affect balding individuals.
  • Peptides such as GHK-Cu, Zn-Thymulin, and Thymosin Beta work together for real results.
  • The Duo Copper Complex cosmetic stimulates growth in thinning areas.
  • The included Dermaroller produces maximum results when used in conjunction with the natural peptide products.

Rene Furterer Triphasic Progressive Concentrated Hair and Scalp Serum

By focusing on the three main causes of hereditary hair loss, this drug-free formula preserves existing hair and also visibly thickens existing thin hair follicles. Comes with a 30-day supply, and has been shown to create denser-feeling hair in 82% of users.

Rene Furterer Triphasic Progressive Concentrated Serum


  • No-rinse, drug-free solution.
  • A progressive solution to hormonal hair thinning.
  • Biotrinine includes nutrients to support hair growth. 
  • Made with natural ingredients such as orange, lavender, and squash seed.
  • Licorice extract helps to reduce irritations and protects the hair bulb.
  • Includes a massage applicator for controlled scalp application.

Trust Products That Are Right For You

There are many products available that can help prevent hair loss and even encourage new growth. Hair loss can be traumatic, and there’s a wealth of new products such as growth oils, supplements, prescriptions, shampoos, conditioners, and topical treatments. You should always speak with your doctor before starting a regimen that might have health risks involved.

The future is bright for hair loss prevention products and technology advances by the year. While not all hair loss is preventable, many of these products can be used to treat thinning hair and grant the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Even if one product doesn’t work for you, it’s likely that another will. Remember, it’s important to be kind to yourself and support your self-image.

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